Good Qualities


Great pulse

For a hand model, a good pulse is essential to perform every single movement with precision, as most of the times small movements manipulating objects have to be a slower movement than usual.

Movement precision

In order to be a hand model it is not enough just to have some nice hands. You have to know how to move and place them with the appropriate accuracy. Many photographers and directors who have worked with Rebeca S. Pareja have noticed her excellent skills and count on her everytime the script requires a hand model of her profile.

Special Skills: Playing instruments and painting

Rebeca Pareja has a degree in drama and musical studies. This hand model plays the cello and the piano.

Body flexibility

Often, hand models are required to accomplish complex and uncomfortable postures in order to achieve the necessary image on screen. For this reason, it is always convenient that the hand model is in good physical shape.


This is a imprescidible quality for anyone engaged in the audiovisual media, but especially for a hand model, because sometimes you have to spend long hours in one position or repeat the same movement as many times as necessary.